Appenzeller, Switzerland’s spiciest cheese.

AppenzellerThe Appenzeller® range of cheeses
Appenzeller® offers cheese lovers a vast range of products which all have the same incomparably spicy flavour. This comes from the secret recipe of the famous herbed brine and painstaking care devoted to each cheese wheel. This is still done traditionally using a hand-crafted technique that is more than 700 years old.

Appenzeller® CLASSIC
Mild, aromatic Appenzeller® CLASSIC is ripened for at least three months with the mysterious herbed brine. This is one of the greatest Swiss cheese specialities. The beautiful hills in Appenzell and their abundant grasses are the best ingredient in the unpasteurised milk which is both natural and strengthening, and from which Appenzeller® cheese is derived. CLASSIC can be recognised through its silver label.

Appenzeller® SURCHOIX
Richly spicy, Appenzeller® SURCHOIX owes its maturity to at least four months of ripening. Like all Appenzeller® cheese, it draws its incomparable flavour from being treated with the mysterious and lovingly made herbed brine. SURCHOIX can be recognised through its golden label.

Appenzeller® EXTRA
This exclusive speciality is aged for six months. At the age of five and a half months, experts check the level of maturity and select only the best wheels. This cheese owes its extra spicy, particularly flavourful aroma to the intensive care dedicated to it during six months. EXTRA has a black and gold label.

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