A philosophy of tradition and excellence.

Every day, in the heart of Gruyère county called “La Gruyère”, we practice the tradition of Gruyère AOP. La Gruyère is above all the ancestral cradle of Gruyère AOP. The first historical traces of its produdction date back to 1115, while in 1655 the name “Gruière” appeared for the first time. We are ideally located to perpetuate the know-how that we have inherited from our “Gruérien” ancestors.

By tasting our Gruyère AOP, you are entering the spirit of  “La Gruyère” – a land rich in tales and legends, and men dedicated to these lands. Our cellars are established in the very heart of this territory. This bond is an essential ingredient that enables us to offer fans of Gruyère AOP its original character.

Fromage Gruyère Ltd. is an important player in “La Gruyère”. It consistently establishes high-quality relationships there, perpetuating strong traditional elements in the region and preserving its authentic nature.