Gruyère AOP 1655: time is a precious ingredient.

 An excellent Gruyère AOP.
Gruyère AOP 1655 is first and foremost Gruyère AOP developed according to the traditional recipe inherited from its region of origin, “La Gruyère”. It has a unique flavour due to being made with unpasteurised milk from cows fed exclusively on grass and natural fodder, with no added preservatives, and all infused with the meticulous skill of the cheese affineur. This subtle chemistry gives rise to exceptional cheese, known all over the world. Its taste is naturally fruity, with more or less vigorous notes depending on its ripening process.

Gruyère AOP 1655, time is a precious ingredient.
The round, golden wheels are looked after to perfection over the months by the master affineur. Its texture is fine and ivory-coloured. The delicacy, strength and malleability of its characteristic feel never fail to surprise. Gruyère AOP owes its excellence to patience. The finest wheels, the best pieces, are selected to mature in the cellar for long months under the attentive eye of the master affineur and will be crowned with the brand Gruyère AOP 1655.

Gruyère AOP 1655, a truly sensory journey.
Tasting Gruyère AOP 1655 is like immersing oneself in the very heart of “La Gruyère” and its surroundings – where green pastures and harmonious hills live side by side with snowy peaks and azure blue lakes. And it is the master affineur from Fromage Gruyère Ltd. who is the custodian of this exceptional cheese.

Unique ripening with Alpine salt.
The salt used to ripen Gruyère AOP 1655 comes from the salt mines in Bex, at the foot of the Swiss Mountains. Rinced out with the fresh water from the glacier above the mine, this salt has been mined since 1554 and blends perfectly with the philosophy of  Gruyère AOP 1655. Fromage Gruyère Ltd. is the only Affineur to use this historic salt. 

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