Gruyère AOP: all the quality of traditional Swiss expertise.

Traditional yet carefully controlled production
Gruyère AOP owes its unique flavour to the traditional recipe passed on since 1655 from its region of origin, “La Gruyère”. It is made with unpasteurised milk from cows fed exclusively on grass and natural fodder, with no added preservatives, and all infused with the meticulous skill of the cheese affineur.

This alchemy gives rise to exceptional cheese, known all over the world. Its taste is naturally fruity, with more or less vigorous notes depending on its ripening process.

Today, Gruyère AOP is exclusively produced in western Switzerland. Its production is subject to a list of specifications. Thus, the entire supply chain, from milk producer to cheese maker and affineur/ripener, commit to providing superior quality, confirmed by regular controls.

The round, golden wheels are looked after to perfection over the months by the master affineur. Its texture is fine and ivory-coloured. The delicacy, strength and malleability of its characteristic feel never fail to surprise.

Discover a Gruyère AOP masterpiece now: Le Gruyère AOP 1655.

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