A history linked to Gruyère’s heritage.

Once upon a time there were men...
… who had understood the priceless value of their heritage. These men lived in “La Gruyère”. At the beginning of summer, when the snows disappeared from the mountains, they climbed up with their cow herds to find abundant, rich grass. Very quickly, they turned their milk into cheese, a precious method for conserving milk during the long winter months. They noticed that these cheese wheels, called "Gruière", kept remarkably well. With proper care, a good outer layer or smear developed after a few months, providing natural protection surrounding the wheel.

The first steps towards France.
Around 1620, when the Thirty Year War was raging, France was very fond of cheese. Gruyère was in great demand in Lyon, but the challenges involved in getting to the capital of Savoy were considerable and many traders lost their goods, or even their lives. Thanks to these brave men, Gruyère trade was founded. Since this time, Gruyère cheese merchants  have succeeded each other from generation to generation.

Roots in Gruyère.
There was no question of leaving the Gruyère cradle. The wheels had to remain close to where they were made in “La Gruyère”, to benefit from all the know-how and the spirit of the region. Fromage Gruyère Ltd.A, founded in 1916, understood this perfectly – with cellars close to producers so that the wheels could retain their original character and all the tradition that is the backbone of the region.

To this day, Fromage Gruyère Ltd., which will soon celebrate its 100 years of experience and ripening of Gruyère AOP, is the only Gruyère AOP affineur in “La Gruyère”.

A living history.
This history is still alive and well in “La Gruyère”. Come to Gruyère. Maybe you’ll bump into somebody – even in town - dressed up in a “bredzon” or traditional clothing. The “poya”, when the cows go up to the pastures, as well as the “désalpe”, when they come down again, are both appropriately celebrated each year. Gruyère AOP ripened in “La Gruyère” is also living proof of all this history.