Taste a Gruyère AOC 1655: a gourmet delight

A gourmet exploration.

Tasting a Gruyère AOP 1655 is above all a new culinary experience of gourmet blends that will awaken all your senses.d’éveiller tous vos sens.

A few tasting secrets.
To obtain a contrast that is as succulent as it is surprising, add a touch of blackberry or raspberry jam to a sliver of Gruyère AOP 1655. As carpaccio, with a touch of olive oil, Gruyère AOP  reveals all its refinement and melts delicately in the mouth.

Take your time.
The Gruyère AOP 1655 that you are about to taste has matured in our cellars for at least 12  months, with great patience. Take your time. Let it rest for around 20 minutes at room temperature. You will enjoy all the tonalities of its flavour as a result.

A ritual that will brighten up your senses.
Firstly taste it with your eyes by observing its beautiful golden crust. Then touch its subtle, melting texture. Smell its fragrance, initially woody and then slowly becoming fruity. Taste. Enjoy its spicy character and slightly salty notes. Such is the prerogative of this culinary prodigy. Nothing else is required to make an impression on the most demanding palate.