Ripened in the very heart of “La Gruyère”.

The spirit of “La Gruyère”.
The cellars of Fromage Gruyère Ltd. are nestled in the midst of Gruyère’s lush, green hills. For nearly a century, we have been ripening cheese in the cradle of Gruyère AOP production. After months in our cellars, our wheels of cheese are imbued with the very spirit of “La Gruyère”.

Our quality is due to our patience so time becomes an ingredient. Respecting the natural cycle of a wheel yields the best possible results.

Each day, the master-affineur tours his cellar. He repeats the same actions. He knows the history of the wheels which are quietly maturing on the spruce shelves. He is the one to select these particular wheels – those that will still spend long months maturing in order to achieve excellence: Le Gruyère AOP 1655.