Wine and cheese: the perfect partners.

Perfect pairing with dry or sweet white wine

According to the greatest cheese-makers, the best pairing is with white wine, due to the transparency of its bouquet, it airy minerality and confirmed acidity. With its fine, fruity aromas of apple, citrus, pineapple or grape, white wine is the accompaniment of choice for Gruyère AOP 1655. To give a light sensory touch, taste the cheese with a sweet late harvest wine. If, as a plus, you can pair your Gruyère AOP 1655 with a regional Swiss wine, you will have a bouquet of unforgettable fragrances in your mouth. 

Gruyère AOP 1655 and Champagne, trendy, chic pairing
A bold, explosive union which brings its own array of gourmet pleasures. Gruyère AOP 1655 will also make a perfect match with other essential accompaniments of this sparkling wine such as salmon and foie gras.

For tannin lovers
Red wine lovers can rest assured that Gruyère AOP 1655 also goes perfectly with silky, fruity tannins.